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Maintenance of precision punch press
Source:Ningbo outac precision punch Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 2016-06-24 08:52:38

Maintenance of precision punch press 

A. maintenance should be performed for each 1500-2000 hour:

1 smooth oil spit oil production and pressure inspection testing and adjustment function. 

2 the filter of air system, the oil regulator valve and other functions and water impurities test and inspection and the necessary adjustment.

3 air pressure switch setting value check and pressure check function test and adjustment. 

Check and adjust the setting value and the measured value of the 4 mode high indicator switch.

5 mode height adjustment device of the sprocket, chain, transmission shaft, worm and other parts are loose, abnormal and chain tension inspection and adjustment.

6. Gear box cover removing, examination of internal mechanical wear and keys loose condition and oil tank cleaning, lubricating oil should be renewed and operation condition, noise, vibration test check.

7 transmission system parts oiling point out and pressure testing and adjusting the amount of oil.From the 8 piston brake mechanism of action, brake angle from the brake pad wear and clearance test of inspection and necessary adjustments.

9 the gap between the slide rail and the guide path is measured and the friction surface is checked, and the adjustment is made when necessary.

10 fly wheel bearings and other add manual grease and pipeline, joints and other inspection.

11 balance cylinder operation status and oil lubrication system oil circuit, joints and other test checks.

12 motor circuit and electrical equipment operating circuit insulation resistance test.   13 the precision (perpendicularity, parallelism, comprehensive clearance) test, necessary to adjust the correction.

14 punch clean appearance and accessories, check and mechanical foot (basic) fastening screw, nut locking and horizontal check when necessary adjustment

15 lubricants to the system of PU, pipeline valve, such as cleaning and inspection.     16 pneumatic components, piping and other cleaning maintenance and action test.       

B. maintenance should be performed for each 3000-4000 hour

17 test of the performance of the photoelectric safety device and the adjustment of the projection angle and area.

18. The electrical system of another piece in appearance and contact wear and contact line loose off inspection, testing and second degree fall rotary cam switch box and emergency s loop function testing, inspection and adjustment.

19 the oil circuit of the overload protection device is clean, the oil chamber is cleaned, the oil is renewed and the pressure moves and the function test is adjusted.

20 main motor V type belt wear and tension condition check, adjust.

21 apart from brake parts removal and decomposition (flywheel free) cleaning and maintenance, clearance check adjustment and assembly debugging.

The other 22 parts balancer dismantling, cleaning and inspection of complex equipment debugging.

C. project to be performed per 6000-8000 hour maintenance

23 saw tooth connecting rod dismantling, cleaning and maintenance, inspection saw teeth and connecting rod thread occlusion and wear condition, and polishing, grinding and apply grease.

24. The slider assembly (tees, charge cover. Overload hydraulic cylinder, worm gear, worm, etc.) the disassembly, cleaning and maintenance, to adjust the clearance and wear surface, check the oil seal and reapply lubricating grease

25 mold pad removal and decomposition and cleaning inspection of the wear surface and re apply grease after the assembly test.

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