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Domestic high-speed punch constantly break the monopoly of the situation
Source:Ningbo outac precision punch Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 2016-06-21 14:46:22

At present, China has become the world's first machine tool consumption and high speed punch import country, and CNC system is an important part of the high speed punch, the cost of the total cost of the machine tool 30%~50%.

Statistics show that about 70% of the domestic high-end CNC system is occupied by overseas CNC companies, while some high-grade high-speed punch is still as a strategic material in the international market by the embargo restrictions. The five axis linkage high speed punch is one of the high marks of the high speed punch press technology. It is used for the five axis linkage milling machine which is used for the machining of large propeller space curved surface.

According to the insiders, the with completely independent intellectual property rights of the major technologies and equipment to achieve the three major technological breakthroughs: one is equipped with the ultra high precision heavy duty spindle box weight, strength and rigidity requirements high, reached the limit of the current manufacturing world spindle box; the second is the long bed technology research and manufacture precision reached the leading domestic level. The machine tool bed height 45 meters, guide to any one meter length error is less than 0.015 mm, arbitrary 20 meters length error is less than 0.16 mm, 45 meters length length error is less than 0.27 mm; the third is the first double working group three channels of CNC technology and three axis synchronization technology.

"Compared with the developed countries, we are speeding up the pace to catch up. Some product development success or even to the foreign counterparts with panic, not only to break their long-term monopoly in the domestic market, but also to force them to lower their prices." Deputy director Chinese CMTBA longer than Cheng Ting said.

"China's CNC enterprises are confident, but also have the ability to break the monopoly of foreign companies and technical barriers, with our development of the Chinese 'brain' to equip our country's equipment, to break the foreign blockade." Wuhan central China numerical control Co., Ltd., said the person in charge. The technology route of the general industrial computer for the hardware platform, through the innovation of software technology, has realized the breakthrough of the numerical control system technology. With general industrial computer and electronic devices, independently developed 4 channel, 9 axis linkage "Central China 1" high performance CNC system, reaching the international advanced level.

Numerical control super heavy duty machine tool is water, fire, nuclear power plant equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining, etc of major equipment manufacturing industry and heavy weapons manufacturing of key equipment, China has become the one of the few super heavy duty machine tool suppliers. DL250 type 5 meters CNC ultra heavy horizontal boring lathe is Wu weight group of independent research and development and manufacture of new products, is by far the world's largest specifications super heavy-duty CNC horizontal lathe, the machine weighing a total of 1450 tons, which spindle box weight reached 177 tons, the spindle runout and radial runout within 0.008 mm.