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Problems should be paid attention to in high speed punch press
Source:Ningbo outac precision punch Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 2016-06-24 08:44:22

1, the risk of equipment structure. A considerable part of the stamping equipment is a rigid clutch. This is a cam mechanism is used to make the clutch engages or disengages, once joined operation, must complete a cycle will s. If the hand in this cycle can not be extracted from the mold in a timely manner, it is bound to have a hand injury accident.

2, action out of control. Equipment in the operation will be subject to frequent strong impact and vibration, so that some parts deformation, wear and tear, causing equipment action out of control and the occurrence of dangerous even or accident

3, switch failure. Error caused by artificial or external factors in the switch control system of equipment

4, the risk of mold. The mould is responsible for the main function of forming the work piece, and it is the central part of the whole system energy. Due to the mold design is not reasonable or defective, without taking into account the operating personnel in the use of safety, in operation in direct or often extends into the mold to finish the homework, thus increasing the possibility of injury. Defective mold may be due to wear, deformation or damage and other reasons in the normal operation of the accident caused by accident.

In the stamping process, stamping machinery and equipment, mold, operating mode of a great impact on security. Stamping accidents are likely to occur in each dangerous part of the stamping equipment, but to occur in stroke die for the vast majority, and damage location is the operator's hand. When the hand of the operator state of stroke die between the whereabouts of the module, it will cause hand rinse accident. This is an accident caused by equipment defects and human error. Related personnel must identify the risk of stamping operations.