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Common problems in the use of punch dies
Source:Ningbo outac precision punch Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 2016-06-24 08:46:23

(1) punch wear too fast

The main reason: the mold gap is small, generally recommended that the mold total clearance of 20% to 25% of the thickness of the material plate. II die and punch to the neutral is not good, including die holder and a die guiding component and tower casement accuracy is insufficient, causes mold of the neutral is not good. The mould temperature is too high, mainly due to the same continuous long time stamping punch mould caused by overheating. The mold grinding method is undeserved, cause mould annealing, wear. The partial unilateral punching, such as step punching, punching shear or angle and lateral force will make a punch head tilted to one side, the edge of the gap is reduced, resulting in serious wear of die, if mold machine installation accuracy is not high, serious will make the punch bias mode, resulting in damage to the convex die and the concave die.     

(2) mold with material problems

Die with the material will cause the scrap rebound, and its related factors: the sharp edge of the mold blade, the edge of the corner of the larger, the more likely to cause waste rebound. The modulus of the mold, the machine tool each station of the modulus is certain, the mold into a small module, easy to cause waste rebound. The gap between the mold is reasonable, if the mold gap is not appropriate, it is likely to cause waste rebound. The processed oil plate surface whether there are more. Spring fatigue damage.   

Method for preventing mold belt material: using a special mold for preventing the belt material. The mould often maintain sharp grinding, and demagnetization. Increasing the clearance of the concave die. The oblique edge die instead of flat blade die. The installation of mould stripper. The increase in modulus of reasonable mould. Check the mold unloading spring or set of material fatigue strength.

Die in the use of easy to occur in different parts of the core of the wear and tear, and some parts have a larger scratches, wear faster, this situation is particularly evident in the narrow rectangular mold. The main reason for this problem is: 1. The design of the turret of the machine tool or the processing precision is insufficient, mainly is the. Mold design or processing accuracy can not meet the requirements. The guide sleeve precision of the die punch is not enough. Don't choose the mould gap. The mold mounting seat or mold guide sleeve wear caused by long-term use of the neutral is not good.     

In order to prevent the die wear is not the same, should be regularly used to: the mandrel on the machine tool turret and installing seat to adjust the neutral check. The timely replacement of die and punch die guide sleeve and select appropriate clearance. Full lead die. To strengthen the operator's responsibility, found time to find the cause, to avoid greater losses.

To meet the need of production, often need to use the forming mold or special mould, the main bridge shaped mold, louver tooling, Shen mould shaped hole, hole flanging tapping mold, convex die, drawing die, combined mould, using special or forming die can greatly improve the production efficiency, while the forming mould with higher prices, usually 4 to 5 times of the ordinary mould. In order to avoid mistakes, we should pay attention to and follow the following principles:

The mold installation direction check, ensure the installation direction of die punch.   

According to the requirements of the correct adjustment of the stamping depth of the mold, each adjustment is best not more than 0.15mm.

Use lower punching speed.

The plate should be smooth without deformation or tilt.

The forming position should be kept away from the clamp.

The mold should be used to avoid the downward forming operation.

The stamping according to general die stamping, finally forming mould.

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