Samsung Galaxy Note Review

By Robert Corter

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a cross-breed between a smart phone and a portable tablet. Many customers have expressed interest in the latest offering from Samsung since the gadget has many useful features and an attractive sleek look. Aside from using the gadget to take pictures, text and call contacts, facilitate productivity and browse the net, the Samsung Galaxy Note can be used to take down notes in school or at work. Is the new gadget worthy of one’s attention and money? Read on for a full Samsung galaxy review and see if the gadget is a must-have for one’s techie arsenal.

Listed down are the pros and cons associated with getting the Galaxy Note.


Huge Screen – The Samsung Note has a great 5.29-inch screen. Yes, it’s big and very much appropriate to view videos, surf the Internet, video chat, and take down notes on. However, it would be weird to hold the phone slash tablet down on one’s ear when taking calls so make sure to use earphones for that. As for viewing media, the huge screen is a wonderful addition to the gadget.

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HD Super AMOLED Display – The screen is noticeably more defined, clearer, and more vivid as compared to other Samsung gadgets around. This is attributable to the AMOLED display with a WXGA 1280×800 that displays content in amazing detail. The screen is also sharper thanks to the 285ppi upgrade.

S Pen – Anyone can use the Galaxy Note with much more precision because of the advanced smart pen or stylus included in the gadget. Compared to using just a finger, the stylus enables the user to have more personalized notes, plus using the gadget to draw and illustrate will be easier. The results come out great as well when printed.

8 MP Camera – The Galaxy Note is one of the very few handheld devices that have a camera greater than 3MP. Of course, the effects of these include taking detailed photographs that can pass off as taken with a digicam.

Credible Battery Life – With a great display and a powerful processor up its sleeve, many expect that the Galaxy Note is a battery-drainer. In a Samsung galaxy review of the battery, it has been found out that the gadget can last up to two days with moderate use while it would probably take days when used lightly.


Large phone – Since the Galaxy Note is big, it may not be for everyone’s tastes. There will be people who would encounter difficulties when handling it in one hand and taking calls would be another conflict. However, if the size does not bother you, then it really wouldn’t be a con to purchase the Note.

Generally, there is nothing more about this Samsung galaxy review except praises. There are many reasons to love the Samsung Galaxy Note. It is an amazing, portable, and nifty gadget that can replace the use of a digital camera, a traditional mobile phone, a notepad, an Internet browser, and a media player. Imagine having all these functions in just one gadget. Those who have money to spare can definitely indulge themselves with a brand new Galaxy Note.

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