Pitfalls Of The Professional Photographer

Pitfalls of the professional photographer


Donmic Doltan

Some would say that professional photographers are magicians. After all, they bring out better – even awesome results – using the same hardware that others user. Though photographers do this quite consistently, there are scenarios in which even they cannot do justice to their assignment and come up with photographs that are not their best work. This might ruin the experience for the photographer as well as the model.

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A photographer will have issues taking the right kind of photographs if they do not have the right tools. Photography is an art in itself, and the photographer would need the right everything, from the type of camera to the lens and even the memory card. For example, a 4 GB Class 2 card will not be good enough, because it will not allow the photographer to take high-resolution photographs or video shoot. The photographer should also ensure that they have all the lenses that they would like to use for photography. Some photographers might be too lazy to lug around a tripod, but it is an important tool, and ensures that shaky hands do not ruin a perfectly good photograph.

The second pitfall would be the wrong selection of the locale. Of course, the photographer would not have much of a say when it comes to event photography, but if it is a portfolio, the photographer should check out some good locales, that will not only be perfect for the theme of the portfolio, but also good enough to add a personal touch to the photograph. While choosing the locale, the photographer should ensure that one does not need any special kind of permits and that the weather and other aspects make good photography possible.

Thirdly, the photographer may not be able to do justice to the assignment if there is no lighting, and no way to provide artificial lighting. Professional photographers will tell you that the inbuilt flash kills the photo, and the best way to add lighting to a photograph is via the wired flashes, or other artificial light. If the photographer does not get a chance to set up the lighting, the photograph might turn out to be simply impossible to use.

Other aspects that would ruin a photograph are experience and discipline – both of which are interlinked. If a photographer is experienced enough, he can go about the photography in a disciplined manner, and even tell the model to assume a particular pose or give a certain look that would make the photo look good. Unless the photographer has experience, he would not be able to give by the ear instructions to the model, which would decrease the quality of the photograph as well as the entire profile. Some photographs would come all right on some settings, but they would come quite bad on other settings. The photographer should be experienced to understand which mode to use.

These aspects might ruin the photography completely. Whether you are the model or the photographer, you should consider these aspects, and choose venues, themes and cameras only after proper research. Canberra photographers

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