How To Find Small Sofas For Small Rooms}

Submitted by: Tameka Norris

Do you have a small living room, dorm room or apartment that is in need of a sofa? Are you unsure of what to purchase in order to incorporate both comfort and spaciousness?

If you already have a small space, the last thing you probably want is a large sofa that makes the room appear even smaller. After a hard day at work or school, you want to relax in your home, not feel confined and claustrophobic in a small living area due to a bulky piece of furniture.

The difficulties inherent in a small living room are not insurmountable. There are various options to choose from in small-scale sofas. You do not have to forego style and comfort to save on space!

What to Look for in a Small Sofa

There is more to space saving design when it comes to seating in a small living or family room than choosing a loveseat. You might be asking yourself what other options are available. Surely, a sofa’s dimensions are not the only avenues that need to be investigated, right?

Correct! There is more to choosing a small sofa than just its size. Along with size, there are different sofa features that are available that make a sofa appear sleeker and less bulky.

It is important to have a sofa that would not overpower the space in your small living area.

What Makes a Sofa Appear “Small Scale”?

Besides size, there are different sofa features that make it appear sleeker and trimmer. In other words, perfect for a small space. These features include:

* Few curves with clean, straight, and simple lines

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* Straight or no arms

* Legs remaining visible underneath the sofa, that is, they are not covered by upholstered flaps

Futons also have features that give this sofa a small-scale appearance. They have simple, straight lines, narrow arms, with no upholstered flaps. Although many are wider than what would be considered small-scale, their simplicity makes them a natural for small spaces.

By simply changing the cover of a futon, you have the ability to change its overall look. You can go with a more traditional feel by having a design of large flowers and leaves on a subdued color palate of dark brown and beige. Or, if your style leans toward contemporary, you could choose plain beige, black or any other neutral color.

With their sleek, simple lines, most futons naturally have a modern contemporary look. However, this can be curtailed into a more traditional look with the use of different designs in coverings.

The other wonderful feature of a futon is its ability to be changed into a bed. Once the cover begins to wear, it is easy to replace with a new one.

Taking Size into Account

Most sofas for small spaces range in size from 72 inches or smaller. It should be noted that if you go too small, you might end up with seating for two instead of three. That is, you’ll end up with a loveseat instead of a sofa.

If you wanted something smaller than a loveseat, you could purchase a settee or Chair and a Half. Chair and a Halfs usually range around 49″ or smaller and settees range between 40 to 50 inches in length.

Below is a list of measurements to help you remember approximate sizes of small-scale sofas as compared to loveseats and settees. Make certain to take measurements of the space you need to obtain seating for before making a purchase. This will alleviate any unnecessary headaches and hassles from purchasing the wrong size seating for your room.

* Small Scale Sofas: 72″ or smaller

* Loveseats: 63″ or smaller

* Chair and a Halfs: 59″ or smaller

* Settees: 49″ or smaller

Use the above list as a guide, not as a hard-and-fast rule. There are sofas, loveseats, Chair and a Halfs and settees that do not meet this criteria. However, the above measurements are the norm.

Also, it is possible to find a sofa that is over 72″ that would still afford your room a spacious feel. For example, if you discover a sofa that is over 72″ with a sleek appearance and no upholstered flaps, it may work perfectly in your room if space allows.

It basically comes down to your individual taste.

Another option for a sofa in a space that would normally fit only a loveseat would be to look for sofas without arms. This would allow seating for three instead of two. Sofas usually have large arms that take up a fair amount of unnecessary space. By eliminating arms, you would increase your seating area!

This may not be for everyone, as you may not find an armless sofa comfortable enough for you. However, due to its space saving potential, it is worth investigating.

A Word to Those Lovers of Traditional Furnishings

Small-scale sofas tend to appeal more to lovers of modern or contemporary furnishings than those who prefer traditional. This can be disappointing if you prefer traditional furnishings, but you need a space saving sofa!

If your taste leans toward traditional, the sleek, straight lines of contemporary furnishings may appear cold and sterile and would not lend to the homey warm feel that you enjoy.

You should keep in mind that it is not necessary to purchase a sofa with all the features noted previously. For example, you could purchase a sofa with arms and legs that have curves instead of the contemporary straight lines. If the curves are not too thick, then this may satisfy your desire for a traditional look while still saving on space.

Summing Up

Having a small living room, family room, dorm room or living room has its disadvantages when it comes to seating. You want to get the most “bang for your buck”, by having as much seating as possible while still giving your room a spacious feel. Not always an easy feat in a small space!

There are particular features in a sofa that would give it a small-scale look such as straight lines, small arms and legs that raise the sofa. You could even maximize your seating by purchasing an armless sofa. This would allow seating for three instead of two.

Even if you do not appreciate all the features listed above in a sofa, you can pick one feature and look for other features that you love. For example, if you have a traditional lean in furnishings, you could purchase a sofa with curved arms and legs, but have it raised off the floor by legs uncovered by upholstered flaps. This way, you achieve a spacious look (by the negative space left underneath the sofa) but retain your unique sense of style and taste in the sofa.

Bottom line, you don’t have to sacrifice your style in home dcor to achieve a spacious feel in a small space.

About the Author: Tameka Norris offers space saving tips and small scale furniture recommendations for small rooms, homes, apartments, dorms, and small condos at her website



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Enhance The Beauty Of A Layout With Upholstery Dubai

Submitted by: Binoy Rasak

Interior designing and decoration is necessary to give an elegant look to any home or office. Selection of furniture and curtains are vital for an aesthetically pleasing look. Sometimes, just by choosing appropriate upholstery Abu Dhabi, a feeling of space can be created.

With the growing demand for creating appealing spaces, several furnishing companies have emerged in the market. However, apart from selling new upholstery or furniture, these companies also earn money through furniture repair in Dubai. This way, individuals can save money from being spent on new pieces of furniture.

Window dressings is also done by companies that provide upholstery for homes in the UAE. This is in addition to provision of furniture repair in Dubai. In addition, wall covering and curtain stitching is also heavily in demand.

YouTube Preview Image

No job is too big or too small for reputed furnishing companies. From a curtain stitching to a curtain design, all kinds of upholstery-related jobs are covered by these companies. Experienced tailors working here ensure that each stitching is made with utmost precision.

Interior decoration and furniture add life to a particular space. Different shapes and styles can be chosen in accordance to the finish of a structure. For storage, furniture such as wardrobes, dressers, cabinets, nightstands and hutches and the like can be purchased from these furnishing companies. Aesthetically pleasing coffee tables, desks, folding tables, drawing boards increase the beauty of a room, apart from adding utility value.

Different trends of fashion are commonly witnessed in the city of Dubai and other cities of the UAE. Classy Towel & Linen Supplies can be seen in every home and commercial establishment. Beautiful interior design can also be witnessed in different companies such as medical and travel.

With the services offered by organizations that provide upholstery Dubai, furniture can easily be refurbished and transformed to look like new. As purchasing new furniture is a costly affair, furniture bought should serve the duration of a lifetime. Thus, it is important that furniture be made of durable and high quality material.

A common reason for interior renovation is boredom from existing d cor. Professionals in various furnishing companies can suggest interesting new ways of design. In addition, design consultants could also be hired, if one is not sure of the design that is best suited.If required, rooms can also be designed as per definite themes. To go with the d cor, towel & linen supplies from top international brands in the globe can be bought.

Curtains, wall coverings and floorings are available as per different styles. One can choose an independent style for every room, through the abovementioned components of design. Whether luxurious or simple furniture is required, it can be purchased from several reputed vendors.

For a hotel owner, interiors of rooms and the lobby area need to stand out. Ideas for design, in such cases, must be taken from reputed design consultants. Many of these consultants work with top furnishing companies. A wonderful example of beautiful furniture complementing different types of interiors, which include gold plated walls, are visible in the Burj-Al-Arab hotel, present in Dubai.

About the Author: Sarah Khan is a writer and researcher specializing in topics related to Upholstery Abu Dhabi & Furniture Repair In Dubai etc. she has over ten years writing and research experience. For more details please visit:


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