When To Find A New Glass Jar Supplier}

When To Find A New Glass Jar Supplier


Josh Gardner

During an interview with the ultimate 1920s stock trader, Edwin Lefevre immortalized Jesse Livermores famous words of wisdom: cut your losses short, let your winners ride. Commonsense as this might be to the average business owner, Ive heard countless stories of importers, manufacturers and distributors complain over and over again about their glass jar suppliers inability to get the job done. Regardless of whether they are from China, Mexico or America, importers, manufacturers or wholesale distributors, almost all glass fillers usually in an effort to save money have jumped ship or simply started out sourcing in the wrong place to gain a misplaced price advantage.

Sadly, Im one such importer and distributor. Ive had so many Chinese suppliers fail to deliver that at one point, I invested heavily in plant equipment, material controls, molds, engineering, warehousing and onsite quality support. The cost to establish a basic system to protect our interests nearly erased all of our profits! Yet, even so, I continued to work with those vendors until supply shortages, delays, quality problems and false starts finally persuaded me to move to a different sourcing model. Call it entrepreneurs disease, i.e. the inability to accept defeat or consider alternatives due to an unrelenting determination to win.

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That being said, Im going to share with you what Ive learned from these experiences in the hope that you will not repeat my mistakes: (1) focus on the basics buy the best quality glass jars you can afford. I would recommend anything from Libbey Glass, Richards Packaging (for liquids or perishables), and Anchor Hocking. Although we are now a national distributor for Libbey Glass, Richards and Anchor both produce fine industrial grade glassware; (2) know what your most important priority is for your business growth and sustainability before you seek suppliers: Is it the price of the jar or a reliable, consistent supply? Is it the signature style and high quality of your glass containers or their utility (for making gourmet food or sauces)? Is it just-in-time service and low minimum orders or large production runs that turn slowly and in larger lots? Whatever you decide, make sure that your suppliers priorities match yours; (3) dump any glass jar vendor immediately if they fail to meet any of your main priorities; (4) make sure that you are factoring in your opportunity costs such as cash outlay, interest expense, storage cost, product returns, lost customers due to delays in delivery or lack of availability, and so forth. If you dont consider these a part of your cost of goods, then you are effectively flying blind.

In the end, your glass jar supplier should be a partner in your success. The minute you feel that your supplier is not giving you the right time of day or treating you poorly, drop them immediately and find a partner who will take an active interest in your business. If you do find a reliable glass manufacturer or distributor, spend the time necessary to build a personal relationship. This will ensure that you have access to inventory, exclusive deals and new buying opportunities to support your business expansion. Youll find that the more time you put into your relationship the more likely you will enjoy the benefits from a shared interest in your success.

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When To Find A New Glass Jar Supplier }