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Ningbo outac precision presses manufacturing Co.,Ltd.   is located in Ningbo Beilun District, with legislation, horizontal machining centers, more than 100 sets of CNC machining equipment, and various precision punching machine, press, precision punching machine, high speed punch testing instruments. 

Position-9905.com: technical personnel (recruit 2 people)
Requirements: Wallace or equivalent, work experience: two years;
End date-奥门金沙
Position-js9983.com金沙网站: sales staff (2 people)

1 technical secondary school or above, more than one year sales working experience. Ningbo local people, Yuyao, Cixi and other places people first.
2 have a strong sense of initiative, can endure hardship, full of pioneering spirit.
3 have the spirit of dedication, have a strong sense of competition, can actively face the challenges of work.
4 have good professional quality, sense of cooperation and team spirit.
5 is mainly responsible for the sales in the surrounding areas of Yuyao, Ningbo, Cixi, Ninghai, etc..

End date:
Chengzhao agents throughout the country, with relevant industry machinery sales experience and strength, welcome you to join us.