Western Metal Art Welding And The Basics Of Western Metal Art

By Ivan Smith

One of the most enduring images of the Old West is that of the town blacksmith. While his main work was in making horse shoes and farm implements, he also did the occasional metal art work for some of his biggest clients. He made thing like wrought iron signs for ranches, and for those who could afford it and had an artistic bend of mind, a few decorative items for use in the home.

Today western metal art is a genre in itself with both large companies and individual artists offering all kinds of metal art work designed to give your home the feel of a ranch house, even if it is in New York. With a range of themes from traditional cowboy home dcor to the nostalgia of something you remember seeing in your grandparents home, western metal art is making a big comeback. A few accessories can change the tone of your house or apartment or even just a single room into something different and nostalgic. With the materials and fabrication techniques available today, you have a choice between items that have the rough old fashioned finish or things made to more modern quality and finish standards but which still convey the western theme.

Among the most popular pieces of western metal art are:

Saddles and harnesses with intricate metal inlay work

Kitchen caddies with spurs,

YouTube Preview Image

Wrought iron picture and mirror frames

Metal candle holders

Horse shoe shaped book ends

A great favorite is the barn star. Thought to bring good luck and prosperity, they are available in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes with various mounting and hanging options.

Names plates and welcome signs designed to give the western look

Western metal art also makes for great gift items. Whether it is a house warming gift or a personal present, there is a range of western metal art to meet your needs. Personal gifts can range from large gifts for the home to small personal items like western themed specially made money clips, business card holders, key chains etc.

The range is huge and is limited only by your imagination. Anything of western origin that catches your fancy can either be bought of the shelf or can be made for you on commission. An internet search will produce hundreds of retailers and commission artists.

When looking for getting art specially made to your design, search for not just dealers or manufacturers of western metal art, but look for the specialty areas like art relating to cowboys, ranch life, the Southwest, horses, the rodeo and so on. People who deal in these super specialty areas will be extra knowledgeable on the subject of their specialization and will be able to guide you in finalizing your design and the materials to be used. Having a bronze barn star painted black will never look as good as a black wrought iron one.

And remember if you come across metal sculptures of cowboys, horses and other things connected to the West, this is art depicting the West, but not western metal art per se as these are not traditional form of western metal art.

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Restoring Classic Cars/Trucks}

Restoring Classic Cars/Trucks


Dan Bodrero

Restoring a beautiful vehicle after long periods of inactivity and many decades of rust and dents is a tough job to say the least. Whether its a 1920 Ford Model T truck or a 1907 Cadillac Model H, when it comes to restoring, almost everyone has an opinion on what to replace or repair, from the engine, to air-conditioning, to truck floor mats and seat coverings.

Despite their historical or sentimental value, vintage cars and classic trucks require some degree of restoration. Interior items and old engine parts that are as old as the first Sherman tank need to go.

For those who want to buy vintage cars and trucks, it is important to note that most these classic autos are sold as they are, which sometimes means 35 or so years with no maintenance of any kind on the vehicle. Vintage cars and trucks are usually in varying conditions and needing different levels of repair. Sometimes, seat covers are in tatters, while their engines are coated with layers of grime and gunk.

YouTube Preview Image

First and foremost though, a vintage car should be registered as a historical vehicle with the Classic Car Club of America. By definition, an automobile built between 1925 and 1948 is considered a classic by the said organization. However, a petition can be made by the applicant if their car does not meet certain specifications yet satisfies most of the groups requirements.

Now for the restoration part — Restoring vintage car accessories like shift sticks, steering wheels, and car floor mats is not as hard as most tend to think. Many auto shops have opened specifically to cater to such needs. However, when restoring a vintage truck or car to its former glory, one needs to have some good contacts with regards to auto parts. Finding genuine auto parts for older models can be very tricky. Extensive research on the cars model and maker is necessary to make sure the car owner gets the right replacement parts at a good price.

Fortunately, an increasing number of auto parts manufacturers are now producing a line of replacement parts for old auto models. Most replacement manufacturers turn up at car shows and the like. Such events provide a venue for car aficionados to exchange information such as where they can get great deals on car floor mats and vintage accessories to fit their classic cars.

Today, drastic changes like rebuilding the transmissions or replacing engine valves to make them fit for drag racing purposes seem to be the trend. Making changes to the interior like seat covers, sound systems and truck floor mats are also being practiced.

While these trends are being done mostly by modern car enthusiasts, car purists tend to be stricter on the restoration process. Minute details on car seat covers, seat belts, upholstery, and car floor mats are just a few that this group of car collectors want replicated, down to the last details.

While car enthusiasts and experts can do restorations and modifications themselves, like creating exact replicas of truck floor mats and seat coverings, major types of work are often left to restoration companies. A vintage cars frame can be easily damaged when removing rusted or frozen bolts, so the utmost care is required. While having vintage car restoration experts revert your car to its heydays can be costly, no amount of money can top the feeling of owning a vintage car.

Driving around in a 1928 Bentley Le Mans Tourer, matted with the exact replicas of 1928-era car floor mat and seats upholstered in classic leather, is definitely something to be proud of.

Dan Bodrero has owned and operated his own store, manufacturing and selling



dashboard mats

for nearly every make and model of car truck or SUV. Dan takes pride in the quality of his workmanship. Each custom made seat cover is hand crafted from quality materials and is guaranteed to protect your automobile and fit securely and snugly.

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Australians unite against whaling in Southern Ocean

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

File:Greenpeace Vessels Esperanza and Arctic Sun.jpg

Anti-whaling protesters have joined forces across Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, and the U.S.A calling for an end to the killing of whales for meat by Japan. Greenpeace organised the international day of action as it continued its efforts to disrupt the hunting of minke whales by the Japanese whaling fleet currently in the Southern Ocean.

The day of action was being marked to protest the actions of the fleet which protesters believe violate the 1986 International Whaling Commission (IWC) global ban on commercial whaling. Japan’s JARPA Japanese Whale Research Program was allowed to operate under a Special Permit in the Antarctic according to Article VIII of the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling. In its JARPA-2 plan, Japan plans to double its annual scientific research catch of Minke whales to 935, and to add 10 Fin whales to its quota. The International Fund for Animal Welfare states that over the next two years, Japan plans to kill 50 endangered Humpback whales and an additional 40 fin whales.

Spanish town council electee proposes nudist pool, marijuana field in park

Friday, June 1, 2007

A former mailman who proposed to paint the town hall pink, turn the local town square into a nudist pool, and to plant a marijuana field in the local park has been elected to the Reus, Spain town council.

Ariel Santamaria promised to show up to the town’s council meetings dressed up as Elvis Presley if he was elected and kept his word at the town’s first meeting on Thursday.

Before being elected, Santamaria who is a member of the Reus Independent Coordination, had also promised the town’s 100,000 residents that he would install a GPS system at the police department that would allow officers to track people who are smoking marijuana and provide them with a light if they need one.

An unnamed media consultant who works for Santamaria set up a website for his campaign and followed Santamaria wherever he went, dressed as a pirate.

Enhance The Beauty Of A Layout With Upholstery Dubai

Submitted by: Binoy Rasak

Interior designing and decoration is necessary to give an elegant look to any home or office. Selection of furniture and curtains are vital for an aesthetically pleasing look. Sometimes, just by choosing appropriate upholstery Abu Dhabi, a feeling of space can be created.

With the growing demand for creating appealing spaces, several furnishing companies have emerged in the market. However, apart from selling new upholstery or furniture, these companies also earn money through furniture repair in Dubai. This way, individuals can save money from being spent on new pieces of furniture.

Window dressings is also done by companies that provide upholstery for homes in the UAE. This is in addition to provision of furniture repair in Dubai. In addition, wall covering and curtain stitching is also heavily in demand.

YouTube Preview Image

No job is too big or too small for reputed furnishing companies. From a curtain stitching to a curtain design, all kinds of upholstery-related jobs are covered by these companies. Experienced tailors working here ensure that each stitching is made with utmost precision.

Interior decoration and furniture add life to a particular space. Different shapes and styles can be chosen in accordance to the finish of a structure. For storage, furniture such as wardrobes, dressers, cabinets, nightstands and hutches and the like can be purchased from these furnishing companies. Aesthetically pleasing coffee tables, desks, folding tables, drawing boards increase the beauty of a room, apart from adding utility value.

Different trends of fashion are commonly witnessed in the city of Dubai and other cities of the UAE. Classy Towel & Linen Supplies can be seen in every home and commercial establishment. Beautiful interior design can also be witnessed in different companies such as medical and travel.

With the services offered by organizations that provide upholstery Dubai, furniture can easily be refurbished and transformed to look like new. As purchasing new furniture is a costly affair, furniture bought should serve the duration of a lifetime. Thus, it is important that furniture be made of durable and high quality material.

A common reason for interior renovation is boredom from existing d cor. Professionals in various furnishing companies can suggest interesting new ways of design. In addition, design consultants could also be hired, if one is not sure of the design that is best suited.If required, rooms can also be designed as per definite themes. To go with the d cor, towel & linen supplies from top international brands in the globe can be bought.

Curtains, wall coverings and floorings are available as per different styles. One can choose an independent style for every room, through the abovementioned components of design. Whether luxurious or simple furniture is required, it can be purchased from several reputed vendors.

For a hotel owner, interiors of rooms and the lobby area need to stand out. Ideas for design, in such cases, must be taken from reputed design consultants. Many of these consultants work with top furnishing companies. A wonderful example of beautiful furniture complementing different types of interiors, which include gold plated walls, are visible in the Burj-Al-Arab hotel, present in Dubai.

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The Sultan’s Elephant entertains London

Sunday, May 7, 2006

File:The Sultans Elephant spraying water.JPG

The Sultan’s Elephant, a giant piece of street theatre by French group Royal de Luxe, has been entertaining Londoners over the course of this weekend. The show started on Thursday, when a ‘crashed rocket’ was in place at Victoria Place. On Friday, an oversized marionette of a young girl emerged from the rocket and met with the giant mechanised elephant. Over the course of the weekend, these two giant puppets have been parading around London streets, closed especially for the event.

Whilst Friday remained hot and sunny, the weekend turned wetter, but the rain didn’t seem to put off the crowds, some of who received a second soaking from the elephant’s trunk! The elephant stopped at Trafalger Square over lunchtime on the Saturday, before parading to Horse Guard’s Parade, where seating had been specially erected around a giant stage.

File:Giant puppet girl licks lolly.jpg

Over ten puppeteers operate the elephant, made mostly of wood, using a complex arrangement of hydraulics and motors. The elephant moves its feet, wags its tails, waves and squirts water from its trunk, flaps its ears, blinks, and can even open its mouth to reveal a moving tongue. The girl marionette is held on a big frame, and was given a ride on the elephant’s trunk using a crane. The girl has been seen licking a giant lollipop, and even do a wee on the road.

The spectacle will end on Sunday with a grand finale.

UK inflation rate increases to 4%

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have made a statement saying the inflation rate of the United Kingdom measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased to 4% in January 2011. In December 2010, this figure was 3.7%. According to BBC News Online, 4% is the highest CPI that the UK has experienced since November 2008.

There are various reasons for the raised British inflation rate, including value added tax (VAT) increasing from 17.5% to 20% on January 4 and the value of crude oil rising. The inflation rate of the Retail Price Index in the country has increased to 5.1%; previously, the value was 4.8%. The CPI has now been a minimum of a percentage point higher than the intended 2% target for one year and two months.

The ONS revealed that the price of petrol per litre, which the CPI measured at £1.27 (US$2.04, €1.51) (£5.77/ Imperial gallon), was a record peak. The rising values of tobacco, alcohol, hotels, restaurants, transport and furniture are also said to have caused the increase in VAT. Between December 2010 and January 2011, the rate of the CPI increased by 0.1%, the first time that inflation rose during these two months since records commenced in 1997. The ONS have stated that “[t]wo of the main factors that had an impact on the January data are the increase in the standard rate of Value Added Tax (VAT) to 20% and the continued increase in the price of crude oil”.

Mervyn King, the current Governor of the Bank of England, has written a letter and sent it to George Osborne, the present Chancellor of the Exchequer of the British government. The letter provides an explanation for the inflation outlook and what can be done to overcome it. Within the letter, King states that the inflation is anticipated to increase to 5% within the next few months.

“The MPC’s central judgement, under the assumption that Bank rate increases in line with market expectations, remains that inflation will fall back so that it is about as likely to be above the target as below it two to three years ahead,” Mervyn King stated in the letter. “The MPC judges that attempting to bring inflation back to the target quickly risks generating undesirable volatility in output and would increase the chances of undershooting the target in the medium term.”

During the last week, the UK interest rates remained at 0.5%. The Bank of England has kept this figure at half a percent for twenty-three consecutive months.